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Constructors Championship

November 29, 2008

The Great Atari ST Game Survey kicked up a top 50 of the greatest Atari ST games ever made. But who made them? Here are the best software developers according to contemporary ST gamers: (WARNING! The following post contains graphic images of game programmers in their natural environment and attire, if you are easily offended, or of a weak disposition, do not read). *SPOILERS AHEAD* If you haven’t read through the top 50 yet and do not want to see its results, this post is not for you! Read the rest of this entry ?


Dungeon Master tops another list

November 26, 2008

Swabbleflange is a videogaming blog where its author (here known as Swabbleflange, but also known as Sabreman on the Retro Gamer forum) has painstakingly listed and commentated his own personal top 100. Many Atari ST games feature, and topping the list is Dungeon Master, the game voted best Atari ST game ever here in The Great Atari ST Game Survey 2008.


Each piece is superbly written, with some nice personal touches and incisive commentary on the game. I’m currently around number 16, and thoroughly enjoying the slog. Take a look.


x=RND(4835) #4: Rockford

November 24, 2008

Welcome to the regular feature of The Joy Of Sticks where I visit Atari Legend and play and review the first game that appears on its ‘Featured Game’ sidebar, no matter what it is. This time up it’s… (drum roll please) …Rockford!


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Another blogger reviews ST games!

November 22, 2008

Good to see I’m not the only one stupid enough to devote his time to writing about games released over a decade ago for a system long obsolete. Matty On Games is a blog about independent and retro games, and his latest project involves both: Atari ST PD games! He’s currently working his way through a list of recommendations and so far has covered Grav and Pacman On E’s with some well written reviews.


Keep up the good work Matt!


STay Atari! Part 3: PicrossST

November 20, 2008

Stay Atari? Lucky for us some people have. Obviously fans of Nintendo’s Picross series (with versions appearing on the Game Boy, Super Nintendo and DS), the PicrossST Team have brought the incredibly simple and addictive nonogram game to the Atari ST in the form of PicrossST.


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Oids review added

November 19, 2008

The last of the reviews from the old site has now been transferred. No more lazy posts now. I will have to start writing some reviews o-[]:-). Click here to read the Oids review.


First Impressions #1: Another World

November 17, 2008

Welcome to the first of a regular series of posts looking at the intro sequences to Atari ST games; those perfect scene-setters, breath-takers, hardware-pushers, attention-grabbers that affirmed your confident purchase and whetted your appetite for the gaming delights that followed. First up: Another World.


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