Abombinaball flash remake

November 1, 2008

Rich Davey, webmaster of the excellent Little Green Desktop has written a remake of Martin Brownlow’s (programmer of Grav 1 and 2 on the ST and later MDK on the PC) addictive PD puzzler Abombinaball for Flash.

The original game tasks you with disarming ticking bombs in the correct order before they blow up. Platforms below you disappear as you leave them, and some tiles force you to move in a set direction (dictated by the arrow). Other tiles will allow you to bounce on them a certain number of times before you crash through, and if you are to fall from the platform at any time, or land on the incorrect bomb, you lose a life. Early levels are a cinch, but the devious level design of later stages will have your head scratching.

The remake is a very faithful reproduction. Compare for yourself:

Original Atari ST version

Rich’s new Flash version

All the features, level design and fiendish addictiveness have safely made the port across. Alexandru Stanculescu and Arthur Wang have done an excellent job on the presentation: well drawn title screen, nicely realised sprites with some eye-catching special effects and I particularly like the animated background, which manages to do so without distracting you from the main action.

The only problem with this remake comes from the limitations of Macromedia Flash. Sometimes the keys aren’t as responsive as you would like, and Rich’s good idea of a compromise of having a ‘Jump Mode’ instead of having to hold a jump key may have been a necessity, but is not as intuitive.

Overall, a loving and well crafted remake that has revived my enjoyment of the original. And now I have a version I can play when using a machine without Steem installed… marvellous!

Go to Photon Storm for more info. You can play the game here.



  1. A glorious ST web discovery!

  2. It is pretty cool. An obscure PD puzzle game revitalised. Not something you see every day. Now all I need to do is find a way to play it on my Nintendo Wii! Wii’s can play mouse operated flash games, not sure about keyboard ones. Would be great if you could map the controls to the Wii remote.

  3. I’m pretty sure those talented people behind the Homebrew Channel will soon comeup with something, I mean, after nailing Speccy emulation everything is possible…

  4. Thanks for this write-up of my game 🙂 It was really good fun to develop and update, and all the better for having done it with the permission of the original author (Martin Brownlow).

    The game was officially released today across 16 different portals (translated into 14 languages), so I updated the games page on my site to reflect this. It’s going down really well so far, amazing to think that around 10,000 people an hour are playing this obscure little Atari ST PD game re-born in Flash 🙂

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