Atari ST in print – Retro Gamer load 57

November 2, 2008

November sees the release of Retro Gamer load 57 containing a fair amount of Atari ST related content.


Richard Burton sets the flux capacitor on his DeLorean to April 1991 in his Back To The Nineties feature, covering news items from the magazines of that month. Snippets include completed but never released Snow Bros. disappearance; the launch of Mirror Image, Mirrorsoft’s new budget label, the last issue of The One before its split into separate mags for each platform,  and ACE’s excellent April Fool’s feature: the Actual Reality Sensory Environment (anyone care to acronise that one?). The April 1991 ST chart has Speedball sitting pretty at the top, but the singles chart leaves a little to be desired (Chesney bleedin’ Hawkes with his one and only big hit, the turd)

Elsewhere in the magazine, there’s a nice feature on Level 9, the developers of countless (actually, I count nineteen) text adventures on the Atari ST in the late eighties. The piece prominently features the Lords Of Magick trilogy and also recommends Ingrid’s Back and Scape Ghost.

Also tieing in to the halloween feel of this issue is a feature called The History Of Videogame Nasties which has little mini reviews of Fright Night, Gremlins 2: The New Batch and Ghostbusters 2 – which are all a little pap, to be honest and not a good advert for horror games on the ST. My personal favourite halloween related game on the ST would be Maniac Mansion – hillarious and not exactly a ‘Videogame Nasty’ but much more worthy of your playing time.

Another developer lookback profiles Microprose, and in this, the first part of two, charts the inception of the company by Sid Meier and Bill Steaky and follows their meteoric rise through to 1989 covering great ST games along the way: F15 Strike Eagle, Microprose Soccer, Pirates! and Stunt Car Racer are covered among others.

Last but not least is Bolda’s Retro Revival of Kick Off 2: a loving tribute that maybe features a little too much Sensi bashing for my tastes, but well written and entertaining nonetheless. Shame they used an Amiga screenshot. Really. It just highlights the extra graphical touches that we missed out on. Gits. You can read the piece on the Retro Gamer website here (with an ST screenshot, nice one Bolda).



  1. Curse the postman and curse the greek post in general. Won’t be getting my issue for another week, I’m sure. And I just can’t wait to read the Level 9 bits. Oh, well. Anyway. Did you know that Zenobi actually produced some truly amazing ST only adventures?

  2. It will be worth the wait, gnome; lots of other interesting non-ST stuff in there too. I was aware of Zenobi software (I enjoyed your interview and loading screen piece, btw) but there is a huge lack of information out there regarding them. There was a great piece in Retro Gamer, but Atari Legend is yet to add the games to its database. They are, however, in GamebaseST so I can give them a go. Which game do you recommend I play first? Nice to see an official Zenobi site up and running.

  3. Hey, glad you enjoyed the Zenobi bits I’ve done stickhead. Apparently there will be an expanded/updated version of the interview appearing in the first issue of the soon to be unleashed Retro Action magazine. Which reminds me they might just love to publish a couple of your brilliant reviews or even the TOP 50.

    Now, from the ST Zenobi games I’ve only tried The Magick Shop and it really was quite impressive. Mostly stuck to the Speccy games for now (Retarded Creatures, the Behind Closed Doors series and Bored of the Rings being firm favourites) but I’ve only had the DVD for a few (ridiculously busy) months.

  4. Thanks for the mention Sticko! To be fair, there’s only a little Sensi-bashing in my KO2 review and surely that’s fair game… y’know, “bigging up” the underdog in the face its more popular rival! 🙂

    Yes, it’s a pity about the use of the Amoeba screenshot in RG. Then again, I’ve a horrible feeling the image I used on the review on the RG website is the ST version of KO1… there’s no player names at the bottom of the screen, only shirt numbers!? I agree the miggy version looks “prettier” although I’ve always thought the ST version had a better groundsman which is why the pitch looks immaculate, plus the ST goalposts had cool green nets on them, not yer run-o’-the-mill regulation white nets! 😉

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