RCM Open Day a huge success!

November 16, 2008

rcmToday’s open day of the Retro Computer Museum was buzzing with gamers and plenty of interesting machines and was a credit to its organiser, Andy. It all happened in Swannington, Leicestershire and unfortunately, I could only take a whistlestop tour as I had wife and kid in tow, but I did manage to meet some very nice chaps and play some machines I’d never seen in the flesh before.

Here are some photos my lovely wife took at the event: click to embiggen them.

You may have noticed that amongst the photos is a shot of somebody playing Rambo III on an ST! Yes, there was one there amongst the multitudinous Amigas, accompanied by some games donated by MugUK. I had a chat with the chap playing and he said that he never realised that the ST was capable of playing colour games! Well done to RCM for educating this fellow.

Other machines at the event included: PCEngine, Oric-1, Amiga 1200, Tatung Einstein, ZX81, Spectrum +2, Jaguar, Dreamcast, SNES, BBC Model B, red Nintendo Famicom, Apple IIgs, MSX, Vectrex, a Commodore 64 playing some lovely loud SID tunes, Gamecube, and many more. A good chunk of the machines were from the museum’s archive, with the others having been brought along by other attendees.

My personal favourite (apart from the ST, obviously) was playing Chuckie Egg on the Beeb, that brought back a lot of memories (And I smashed Bob’s high score o-[]:-D ).

Speaking to a very pleased (and tired looking) Andy at the event, I was delighted when he told me that he plans to hold another. He had received lots of donations of machines and games, so the museum’s archive will be even bigger next year. I can’t wait.



  1. Ok, that looked fantastic. Thankfully we also had a (smaller) event like this in Athens a few months back, and I think there’s another one coming up.

  2. Some nice photographs there! Im so pleased that everybody seemed to enjoy themselves – it made my day to have over 70 people there! Superb! Here is to next year . . . I am planning another event for 15th November 2009 – so hopefully see you there again!

  3. It was a great event. There were a couple of entertaining vehicles in the carpark too! 😀

  4. Sorry – me again! Further to my last post . . . we are now holding two events next year – one on the 31st May and the other (as mentioned above) on the 15th November. Take a look at our website for further details.

  5. Don’t apologise! Two events? Why, Mr Spencer, you are spoiling us! See you there…

  6. This was an excellent event which I really enjoyed.
    It was good to see you there StickHead. Hope to see you at the next.
    b.t.w. Those photos are really good, wish I tool photos when I was there.

  7. Dont forget – the next event is only 30 days away!

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