First Impressions #1: Another World

November 17, 2008

Welcome to the first of a regular series of posts looking at the intro sequences to Atari ST games; those perfect scene-setters, breath-takers, hardware-pushers, attention-grabbers that affirmed your confident purchase and whetted your appetite for the gaming delights that followed. First up: Another World.


Delphine’s Another World’s innovative rotoscoping animation (where polygons are used instead of bitmaps, enabling much smoother animations occupying much less storage space) and superb B-movie Sci-Fi plot were perfectly showcased by the short intro. Cinematic, moody and seamlessly linked into the following gameplay, Another World’s intro does everything it needs to do, setting the tone for the epic journey of discovery and (hopefully) survival Lester is about to face. Watch the video.

Further Reading

Thanks to Christos for the nomination. If you have an intro sequence that relieved you of your socks, don’t hesitate to suggest it via the comments.


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  1. God bless Big Frank.

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