Dungeon Master tops another list

November 26, 2008

Swabbleflange is a videogaming blog where its author (here known as Swabbleflange, but also known as Sabreman on the Retro Gamer forum) has painstakingly listed and commentated his own personal top 100. Many Atari ST games feature, and topping the list is Dungeon Master, the game voted best Atari ST game ever here in The Great Atari ST Game Survey 2008.


Each piece is superbly written, with some nice personal touches and incisive commentary on the game. I’m currently around number 16, and thoroughly enjoying the slog. Take a look.



  1. Great find and testament to the eliteness of the elite that loves elite and reads retro gamer.

  2. What a great list! I’m always happy when someone who knows and cares about video games and their history writes one of these – it always shows. I’ve grown to be disdainful about a lot of them because they’re usually written by people who starting gaming with the PSOne in 1996 or thereabouts and always fill it with recent games, throwing a few “acknowledged classics” like Space Invaders and Pacman in there to try and fake some sort of historical knowledge.

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