Atari ST In Print: Retro Gamer Load 58

December 7, 2008


Those cheerful chaps over at Retro Gamer have served up a festive Christmas treat for Atari ST fans. This month’s issue features a whole 8 pages dedicated to our favourite 16-bit wonder machine.

The piece is a ‘Retroinspection,’ detailing the circumstances of the ST’s arrival. It paints the ST’s emergence very positively, attributing the early success to Atari’s survival of the videogame crash of the early-eighties. There are some great quotes from Shiraz Shivji, who was instrumental in the ST’s inception and success, and a lowdown of the ‘Perfect Ten Games’ which correlates quite nicely with our Top 50 (albeit without The Top 50’s criminal Thalion oversight).

Elsewhere in the magazine, Populous (one of my personal ST favourites) is scheduled for an imminent release on the DS. Swiv, The Sales Curve’s popular follow up to Silkworm gets the ‘Making Of…’ treatment, and there’s even a rogue Atari ST screenshot nestling amongst it’s Amiga counterparts. This month’s reader revival is of the Arcade version of Super Sprint, this ST conversion of which was surprisingly faithful and superbly playable despite the lack of steering wheel. All this is wrapped beautifully in a brand new cover by legend Oliver Frey.



  1. Yes, great to see the ST getting another retro-inspection feature in RG. Even though it has been featured in RG before, this latest article isn’t just a re-hash of the previous one and brings some new things to the table. It would have been nice to to have seen an article on the Falcon before re-visiting the ST – I never had a Falcon but I’d be interested to read about it’s development and short product life.

    I wonder who’s ST they borrowed to photograph for the latest RG article!?

  2. Excellent issue apparently. Surely the mailman will manage to deliver it indowntown burning Athens. 🙂

  3. Hey Gnome! Things are pretty crazy in your part of the world at the moment, huh? Here’s hoping that things get sorted, the truth is outed and justice is served.

    Stay well,

  4. Impressively everything is on fire. I must say I’m deeply impressed. People say that only back in 1944 have so many buildings been ablaze at the same time.

    Take care Stickhead!

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