Pandora’s Hard Drive

December 9, 2008

Old Atari ST programmer John Leather reckons he has a Supra hard drive full of his old unpublished, unreleased games, demos and dev software. Most notably amongst these, a “little gem of a game” called The Lost World (here’s hoping it isn’t a Jurassic Park license). Unfortunately, his drive is knackered (lazzy band troubles). He is currently trying to jimmy it back into action, and if he succeeds he promises to share the games within. Good times! 

Thanks to <a href=

Thanks to Jamie Woodhouse for the photo.

That’s not all: he is also friends with James Woodhouse of Qwak and Nitro fame, who also has unreleased stuff he wishes to share. So very soon, we could be inundated with a glut of new stuff to play! I’ll keep you posted. Have a look at the Atari-Forum thread.


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