First Impressions #2: Epic

January 7, 2009

Continuing the series of posts looking at the intro sequences to Atari ST games; those perfect scene-setters, breath-takers, hardware-pushers, attention-grabbers that affirmed your confident purchase and whetted your appetite for the gaming delights that followed. Next up: Epic.


Epic was a space combat game that promised the Earth but only really coughed up one of Saturn’s minor moons (Anthe, perhaps). Still an enjoyable romp and the intro was plenty to whet the appetite: a nice mix of pixels and filled-vector graphics with some suitably pulpish Sci-Fi plot exposition accompanied by an indelible and oh-so fitting extract from Holst’s The Planets (Mars, the bringer of war – of course). Watch the video.

Thanks again for Christos’ nomination. Don’t forget, if you want to nominate an intro, use the comments section below.

Other games featured in First Impressions:



  1. The Epic intro is excellent and really got me pumped to play the game. Another great intro is Turrican II, which might possibly be the longest intro I’ve seen on the ST.

  2. I thought I hear a collective, belated, jaw drop…

  3. I played “Epic” on the Amiga back in the day and was really disappointed with it. Fantastic presentation, as you say, but stupidly easy. I think I completed it on my first or second shot.

    Really lacking in imagination, too. Loads of the ships had been pinched from sci-fi shows and films. Would it have been so difficult for them to design some of their own?

  4. Agree with all the comments here, a great intro which the rest of the game itself didn’t live up to. The cut-scenes at the end of each level are also worthy of mention, as they are of the same standard as the intro. It’s strange to think that back in those days, I would work my way through a boring level of gameplay, just to marvel at the cut-scene at the end of it… nowadays I find cut-scenes an irritation more often than not! 🙂

  5. Stickhead, I’ve also uploaded this intro from my MSTE and from my Falcon. It’s worth seeing them with the upgraded framerate.

    • Nice one ChrisTOS, it will be good to see a comparison. Any chance of a couple of links?

      EDIT: I found them!

      Mega STE:


      Thanks for these, ChrisTOS

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