Go there, be happy.

January 12, 2009


Just thought I would take time out to point you in the direction of the D-Bug boys. A very active Atari ST cracking group dedicated to bringing ST games to both Hard Disks and Falcons around the world. On their website you will find the excellent ULS (Ultimate Loader System) to get patched games running from your Hard Disk and all their old compilation disks. Some of the sources to their ‘Cracktros’ have also been released for you budding coders out there and there is a bustling forum and some great links to other great ST developers.

An invaluable resource for all ST game fans. Click here.



  1. Oh my, my, my… And all the Dizzy games are already there. And I am now fully convinced I actually need an ST too. Possibly an STe. And somewhere to put him.

  2. Some awsome work from the D-BUG team.
    Geoff Crammonds F1 Grand Prix was on their list too.
    Great work guys!
    Long live the Falcon and the CT63 (68060 accelerator card).

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