Guardians of the PaST online!

February 7, 2009

A Superb new Atari ST resource has just been made available: After three years of hard work, we can now enjoy the meticulous work of the Guardians of the PaST!


In the light of Atari Legend’s disappearance, this is excellent news. Guardians of the PaST plans to build a similar database to AL’s but with more emphasis on detail, extras and most importantly preservation. Each game page (the database features two hundred and eleven so far) will feature: extensive information about the software; box and media scans; scans of magazine articles, reviews and previews; screenshots; space for readers to add comments and reviews; and much more.

For years the Amiga owner has enjoyed both Lemon Amiga and The Hall of Light, now it looks like ST owners will also be spoilt by choice. Go there, be happy.



  1. Impressively brilliant and a fine discover oh returning to your audience StickHead!

  2. Good to see another Atari ST resource; I fear Atari Age might not be coming back, or at least not in the near future.

  3. Do you mean Atari Legend? Atari Age never went away! Indeed, there is talk of the 16/32 bit section being fleshed out.

    MugUK, who was an Atari Legend administrator and extensive contributor assures me that AL will be back online with a new server soon. Watch this space.

  4. I meant Atari Legend, of course. Sorry. What a silly sausage I am. 😉

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