Another ST Software Database?!?!

February 23, 2009


Those nuts over at the rather spiffy Atarimania have just extended their superb Atari console and 8-bit computer software database to cover ST stuff! Now we have three dedicated Atari ST software databases out there: Atarimania, Guardians Of The Past and Atari Legend (now back online – hooray!). We really are being spoiled.

Atarimania ST boasts that it is the “Biggest Atari ST / TT / Falcon030 software database in Atari history,” and has over three thousand entries to back up that claim. Information on some games is sparse, but being added to all the time. Game pages feature the expected: screenshots, comments section and release info, box scans and downloads (where available) and a nice ratings system that links into a top 100 which will be very interesting as the site gathers more traffic.

They also have scans of software catalogues and adverts which are very interesting, as well as a video section containing game intros, creator interviews, and TV adverts. The opening page of the ST/TT/Falcon section also has a potted history of the ST and a summary of the different 16/32-bit systems available.

Credit to Marakatti, Trooper and Franck for bringing us another invaluable ST resource.


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