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Software that was ‘wasn’t’ now ‘is’

March 18, 2009

Those hard working fellows over at the shiny new Guardians of the PaST have unleashed a beast on to the ST scene,  a long lost work in progress featuring what was the fastest road car available at that time: Jaguar XJ220.


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RGCD #5 packed with ST goodies!

March 13, 2009

The proprietor of the rather superb RGCD discmag has recently acquired a beautiful 4mb STE and this has inspired him to stuff loads of Atari ST content into the latest issue!


Amongst the usual menagerie of retro gaming goodness there are in-depth reviews of Bob Fossil’s Sudokuniverse, Manical Drop, The Pairs Are Gone and Read the rest of this entry ?


x=RND(4839) #5: Fish!

March 4, 2009

With the good ship Atari Legend once again afloat upon the seven seas of the world wide web, it is once again time to cast my net into its briney wash to see which tasty gaming morsel shall sate my hunger. Well blow me if it isn’t Fish!, a very Piscine interactive fiction penned by a bunch of pilchards from London, namely Magnetic Scrolls.

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