RGCD #5 packed with ST goodies!

March 13, 2009

The proprietor of the rather superb RGCD discmag has recently acquired a beautiful 4mb STE and this has inspired him to stuff loads of Atari ST content into the latest issue!


Amongst the usual menagerie of retro gaming goodness there are in-depth reviews of Bob Fossil’s Sudokuniverse, Manical Drop, The Pairs Are Gone and a cracking little (tiny, in fact) puzzler from Paradize that somehow managed to slip under my radar (oh the shame!) Spy4k – Expect a Joy Of Sticks review soon. There is also an article about the D-Bug boys and their work on the ULS (Universal Loading System) and their Falcon/TT patches along with an interview of the men behind the code. All this nicely compliments an ‘Atari ST Homebrew Retrospective,’ reviewing some of the top non-commercial games developed for the ST over the years (Clogged Up, Starball, Superfly, Chu Chu Rocket, Robotz, and more).

All ST fans owe it to themselves to download this discmag and have a jolly good rip-roaring read. What are you waiting for? Go there, be happy.


One comment

  1. Hey Mr. Sticks 😉

    Thanks for the kind words. Not sure if I met you at Byte-Back, but if you ever fancy doing some writing for us then you’re welcome to sign up and join us onboard the good ship RGCD!

    Drop me a line.


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