Software that was ‘wasn’t’ now ‘is’

March 18, 2009

Those hard working fellows over at the shiny new Guardians of the PaST have unleashed a beast on to the ST scene,  a long lost work in progress featuring what was the fastest road car available at that time: Jaguar XJ220.


In the words of Guardians project co-ordinator Goldrunner:

Guardians of the PaST are proud to announce the release of Jaguar XJ220 for the Atari ST. For many years there have been rumours of this game which were no doubt fueled by an advert saying it was also avialable for 1MB ST’s, with even the Amiga boxart claiming the same thing. Now, thanks to the efforts of the original games programmer Oberje (Andrew J. Buchanan) we have now solved the mysteries surrounding this game, and even better you can now finally play the development version of this legendary game on the ST.

We have peeled back the years to dwelve into the history of the game, how was it was programmed and why it was cancelled. We look at how the game was saved from total oblivian by Oberje after he found the source code on an almost perished CD-ROM. Finally we look at how it was improved and finally brought to the ST community for all of us to enjoy for the first time.

You can read the story behind the game’s development and mysterious no-show, see its brand new Guardians of the Past entry and read Marakatti’s review.

All credit to the Guardians for safeguarding and Oberje (the game’s coder) for releasing a game that I personally have been waiting a very long time for (ever since reading the preview in Zero – also available on GOTP). Cheers guys! Expect a review soon.



  1. Amazing! And frankly quite unexpected too. Also fantastic, impressive and utterly brilliant!

  2. This seems to have come out of nowhere, as Gnome says. I had no idea an ST version of this was ever contemplated, let alone recently rescued. I’m quite fond of the Amiga version so I’ve downloaded this ST version and I’m going to give it a shot…

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