Sideways – prototype

May 7, 2009


Jamie Woodhouse (author of the rather spiffing ST game Nitro and Amiga’s Qwak) has made available his playable prototype of Sideways, a sidescrolling (figures) shoot ’em up that features more than the odd nod towards classic shooters Uridium, Goldrunner and Xenon.

Though only a prototype, the code is very playable and is a tantalising glimpse at what could have been with the odd tweak and pixel-push (to paraphrase Jamie’s comments). The game updates at one VBL (thats 50 frames per second to you and me) meaning that everything is very smooth and fast. Action isn’t compromised to achieve this, though: you can speed along at break-neck speed (as long as you have the reactions of a jedi) as you fly backwards and forwards in an attempt to destroy enemies, dodge bullets, and land to collect precious energy crystals. Inbetween each stage you are presented with a number of upgrades you can purchase to increase your chance of success on the next.

Once again those D-Bug boys are in the thick of it, and their ULS code enables you to store this baby on your hard disk. Click here to visit them and download it (don’t forget to say thanks in their forums!), and have a look at Jamie’s blog for more info and something else to look forward to!

Gameplay video



  1. Smooth scrolling looses a lot in youtube. Actually that game really lacks the life down counter. It’s like on permanent cheat mode.

  2. True on both counts. Maybe the life counter thing wouldn’t be too hard to fix. I’m not sure Mr Woodhouse would be up for releasing the source but perhaps it could be hacked? There must be a life counter somewhere as you can add to your ‘ships’ by buying one in the shop.

  3. Hmmm…I’d play it. 🙂

    Love the “doo doo doo doodo” sound effects. That’s pretty much the sounds I made as a kid trying to simulate space battles with my Star Wars toys. 🙂

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