First Impressions #3: Civilization intro

May 9, 2009

As per a request by Alignn over on my YouTube channel, I have added the intro to Sid Meier’s Civilization. Not as cinematic as Another World or Epic by any stretch, and not particularly technically difficult to produce either. Well realised, with atmospheric music, it certainly sets the scene for your future of empire building.

Well, there you go. Awful scrolling, well composed but poorly executed music, no attempt at animation. Yet somehow it just works.

Read my Civilization review here.



  1. Despite owning all the games in the Civilization series, the one I return to the most is the first one. While I do enjoy Civ4, the original Civ has a calming, zen-like quality to it that the sequels don’t quite have.

  2. Civi is a great game even today, so allways nice to see the intro, even if it show obviously that it was convertet.

  3. Mind you, this intro was what actually sold Civ to my childish soul all those years ago…

  4. This is the game I spent most time playing in my life…. the sequels have nothing on the first one in my opinion. You can’t beat the “feel” of the first one.

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