CodeJunkie starts weekly review column

May 21, 2009

CodeJunkie, coder of OutCaST (the excellent ST emulator for the GP2X), has started a new feature over at his blog.  Entitled ‘Game of the Week,’ CodeJunkie intends to eschew the obvious (Lemmings, Civilization, Dungeon Master), and instead highlight those ‘lesser known’ titles that people new to the platform might miss. First up he delves into SWIV.

Screenshot-Codejunkie - Mozilla Firefox

It’s great to get CodeJunkie’s view of these games; due to his experience of programming an Atari ST emulator, he has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Atari ST, and can provide commentary on how they utilize the CPU and any unusual programming tricks they employ.

Go there, be happy!


One comment

  1. Thanks for the link, added it to my google reader

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