Unidentified Flying Objects Spotted Over Mt. Fuji

October 14, 2009


All you crazed, gun-toting xenophobes out there rejoice, for there is a brand new opportunity to vapourize E.T. and his glowing-fingered buddies from the comfort of your ST.

Paradize have released a Missile Command/Galaxian inspired shooter called Attack Wave. Coded by SimonSunnyBoy, and featuring music and graphic contributions from Marcer and Malodix respectively, it looks like a classic score attack game in the vain of the arcade games of old. Watch this space for the imminent review! It is available now on the Paradize homepage. Go there, be happy!


One comment

  1. Good news the game has finally been released 🙂
    Really cool improvements since outline , congrats paradize !!

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