Atari ST Game Reviews

Here is an alphaspaghettical list of all Atari ST game reviews:

Game Title Publisher Year Score
Ace Invaders Budgie UK 1988
Bob Fossil’s Sudokuniverse Sh3/Resevoir Gods 2008
Bubble Bobble Firebird 1987
Championship Manager ’93 Domark 1993
Civilization Microprose 1993
Dungeon Master FTL Games 1987
Fish! Magnetic Scrolls 1988
Frontier: Elite 2 Gametek/Konami 1993
IK+ System 3 1988
Jaguar XJ220 (prototype) Oberje 2009 n/a
Llamatron Llamasoft 1991
Lode Runner Broderbund 1989
Manical Drop ATIPYK Developments 2008
Oids FTL Games 1989
PicrossST PicrossST Team 2008
Rockford Melbourne House 1988
r0x RGCD 2009
Sensible Soccer Renegade 1992
Sideways (prototype) Jamie Woodhouse 2009 n/a
Starball Volume 11 1994
Super Sprint Electric Dreams 1987
The Magic Shop Zenobi 1990
The Pairs Are Gone! Paradize 2008
Turbo Outrun U.S. Gold 1989

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