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Super Sprint review

October 1, 2009


You can trace Super Sprint’s ancestry right back to the dawn of arcades with arguably the first ever sports simulator: Gran-Trak Read the rest of this entry ?


Starball review

August 26, 2009


Dave oldcorn’s PD pinball game Starball, heavily influenced by Devil Crash/Devil’s Crush/Dragon’s Fury (depending on where you live and what system you own) skill-shot its way onto the Atari ST in 1994 courtesy of Volume 11. I came across it on an ST Format cover disk, and was very surprised at the quality of a game given away as a freebie. Read the rest of this entry ?


r0x review

July 12, 2009


When news of this game first broke, I took one look at the screenshots over at RGCD and thought to myself: ‘Wow! A new shoot ’em up for the ST!’ as this is the first action game released for the ST for some time, and I was very excited. However, SimonSunnyBoy pointed out to me that r0x was not a shooter, but in fact an avoid-em-up, and a closer look at said screenshots and their lack of bullets (or any kind of projectyle) confirmed this. I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

With r0x nominated for season 2, round 21 of STOT (ST Off-line Tournament), I put my disappointment behind me and set about trying to get a high score and, boy! How miss-placed was my disappointment? Read the rest of this entry ?


CodeJunkie starts weekly review column

May 21, 2009

CodeJunkie, coder of OutCaST (the excellent ST emulator for the GP2X), has started a new feature over at his blog.¬† Entitled ‘Game of the Week,’ CodeJunkie intends to eschew the obvious (Lemmings, Civilization, Dungeon Master), and instead highlight those ‘lesser known’ titles that people new to the platform might miss. First up he delves into SWIV.

Screenshot-Codejunkie - Mozilla Firefox

It’s great to get CodeJunkie’s view of these games; due to his experience of programming an Atari ST emulator, he has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Atari ST, and can provide commentary on how they utilize the CPU and any unusual programming tricks they employ.

Go there, be happy!


Sideways – prototype

May 7, 2009


Jamie Woodhouse (author of the rather spiffing ST game Nitro and Amiga’s Qwak) has made available his playable prototype of Sideways, a sidescrolling (figures) shoot ’em up that features more than the odd nod towards classic shooters Uridium, Goldrunner and Xenon. Read the rest of this entry ?


Jaguar XJ220 review

May 6, 2009

It’s been a long time since my last post (real life gets in the way once more!) and there have been a couple of developments on the ST gaming scene while I’ve been away – more on those later. Meanwhile, lets have a closer look at Oberje’s release of his Jaguar XJ220 conversion. If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that an ST version of the classic Amiga racer was planned but canned before it saw the light of day (for more details see the Guardians of the PaST entry). With a gentle prod from the Guardians, Oberje compiled the playable code he had and made it available for us to enjoy.

Though not quite complete enough to get the full review treatment, I have got a gameplay vid and some screenshots to show you. Read the rest of this entry ?


RGCD #5 packed with ST goodies!

March 13, 2009

The proprietor of the rather superb RGCD discmag has recently acquired a beautiful 4mb STE and this has inspired him to stuff loads of Atari ST content into the latest issue!


Amongst the usual menagerie of retro gaming goodness there are in-depth reviews of Bob Fossil’s Sudokuniverse, Manical Drop, The Pairs Are Gone and Read the rest of this entry ?