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Constructors Championship

November 29, 2008

The Great Atari ST Game Survey kicked up a top 50 of the greatest Atari ST games ever made. But who made them? Here are the best software developers according to contemporary ST gamers: (WARNING! The following post contains graphic images of game programmers in their natural environment and attire, if you are easily offended, or of a weak disposition, do not read). *SPOILERS AHEAD* If you haven’t read through the top 50 yet and do not want to see its results, this post is not for you! Read the rest of this entry ?


The Great Atari ST Game Survey: The Top 50

October 28, 2008

The results of The Great Atari ST Game Survey are now online! Just click on the link on the navbar above or click here to be whisked off on a magical journey through the 50 definitive games for the ST as voted for by contemporary ST games players! Don’t forget to leave your comments.