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Low Res Web Magazine Released: Go There, Be Happy!

August 30, 2009

ThorN, ChrisTOS and SimonSunnyboy, geniuses behind STOT (ST Offline Tournament) have released an online magazine dedicated to retro computing, with a decidedly Atari ST slant to this first issue. It’s a great read covering topics such as new releases, old magazine articles, upcoming events, and interviews.


My highlights were a fascinating insight into the Jaguar scene and its bizarre politics, an interview with TomChi about r0x, and the features on STOT. There is also a great Switchblade review which also looks at the 8-bit versions.

So, stop reading this and go there, be happy!


RGCD #5 packed with ST goodies!

March 13, 2009

The proprietor of the rather superb RGCD discmag has recently acquired a beautiful 4mb STE and this has inspired him to stuff loads of Atari ST content into the latest issue!


Amongst the usual menagerie of retro gaming goodness there are in-depth reviews of Bob Fossil’s Sudokuniverse, Manical Drop, The Pairs Are Gone and Read the rest of this entry ?


Atari ST In Print: Retro Gamer Load 58

December 7, 2008


Those cheerful chaps over at Retro Gamer have served up a festive Christmas treat for Atari ST fans. This month’s issue features a whole 8 pages dedicated to our favourite 16-bit wonder machine. Read the rest of this entry ?


Atari ST in print – Retro Gamer load 57

November 2, 2008

November sees the release of Retro Gamer load 57 containing a fair amount of Atari ST related content.


Read the rest of this entry ?